HASTINGS, NE — The long-debated demolition of the 16th Street viaduct in Hastings is underway.

One day after an Adams County District Court judge denied a pair of attempts by a citizen group to stop the demolition, crews are out tearing it down. The contract had already been awarded to the demolition crew, the city was just waiting to clear the final legal hurdles before taking the bridge down.

Attorneys argued before Judge Terri Harder on Tuesday. On Wednesday, she ruled there was no need for a special election and that the group’s claims didn’t warrant a temporary injunction to delay demolition.

Hastings Citizens with a Voice attempted three times to save the viaduct via a petition.

The viaduct was completed in October, 1936. It was repaired in 1985 and operated until 2019. The viaduct was closed to traffic then and city leaders have debated what do with it since.