PETERSBURG -- Petersburg's village board has voted to repair holes in its water tower, after a town meeting, January 4th. 

This was the primary solution according to water tower expert Jake Dugger from Maguire Iron.

He wrote in a letter, "It would be my recommendation to seal weld the roof to sidewall connection around the tank  [....] the sealing of roof seams is with a sika flex caulking, and will need to be replaced around every 5 years or so." Dugger had noted a more permanent fix -- completely replacing the roof -- would be more expensive. 

Some residents told NCN they had hoped Petersburg would have invested in a new water tower altogether. 

Michael Bode, who lives three miles outside of town but said he drank the water in town, told NCN that he thinks Petersburg should put up a new tower because "I understand it's expensive but I don't know if you can trust [the old tower] ever again," he said. "They need to make sure this never happens again." 

Bode was one of many who caught campylobacter during an outbreak in Petersburg which the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy and water tower experts have stated it likely started when birds got into the water tower.

But not all residents agree the problem is from the water tower.

One anonymous resident called NCN to vouch for the village board, saying he thinks the outbreak is from an outside source. 

The village board has declined to speak on the record with NCN, but states water tests routinely came out clean.

The water is being chlorinated at this time, according to NDEE.