A new statewide survey finds a majority of Nebraskans, rural and urban, hit at least somewhat hard by the pandemic.

According to a poll by the University of Nebraska-Lincolns 2021 Nebraska Rural and Metro Polls, 61 percent of those questioned said COVID-19 and its fall-out affected their lives either a fair amount or a great deal.

A fourth of those responding said someone in their household contracted the virus; 18 percent in rural communities reported a friend or family member dying, compared to 13 percent of metro folks.

One NU expert—Cheryl Burkhart-Kreisel, associate professor and extension specialist at NU—told us this: “With the rural population historically being a bit older and COVID initially hitting older adults harder, it is not surprising that this shows up as a difference in the poll.”

The virus has also had its share of financial fallout, with lower income Nebraskans hit harder.

The poll finds 40 percent of those with incomes under $40,000 suffering financially, while 20 percent of those with incomes above $100,000 felt that COVID-19 hurt them in the pocket book.