BANCROFT, Neb. - Nebraska is full of families who have been farming and keeping traditions alive for decades.

Each year, Aksarben presents the Pioneer Farm and Heritage Farm awards. These awards honor the families who have held the same family ownership of land for 100 and 150 years.

Larry Zobel of Zobel Family Farms shares insight into making a family farm successful, even after 140 years.

"Everybody here has a different specialty which helps bring the family farm together," Larry said.

Larry's father Robert is first in charge at the farm, as his great-grandfather founded the farm decades ago.

"It has evolved over the years," Robert said.

Although the family aspect of the business has stayed consistent, the farm's buildings have changed.

"Every structure has been changed so there isn't much of that heritage left

Onto its sixth generation, the Zobel's found a way to survive during a pandemic.

"It delayed getting things to market and that's what started our meat business," said Larry.

Now they sell their own meat right from the source, and the farm launched its website this week. 

Robert says he's happy with how far the farm has come and hopes the future generations carry the hard work on in the years ahead. 

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