HASTINGS, Neb. – Revive Inc. is renovating the old Motel 6 and Hastings Convention Center to open a unique substance abuse treatment facility with a full continuum of care. 

Executive Director Kristine Kasperbauer has only held her title at Revive Inc. since last October, but she’s responsible for a huge upgrade to Revive’s services.

The Hastings-based non-profit acquired the Motel 6 and Hastings Convention Center building on E Osborne Drive less than a month ago.

They’re now in the process of renovating those existing motel rooms into 80-plus residences for people in need of substance abuse rehab in the short term and long-term. It will make it the largest substance abuse treatment facility of its kind between Lincoln and Denver. 

"I was worried I was going to have to talk everyone into doing this, but they were coming to me saying 'yeah, let's do this, let's work together and get this done.'" said Kasperbauer. 

Currently, Revive offers outpatient services, but for their clients that experience a relapse, they usually have to send them to a detox facility in Lincoln or Omaha.

"When it comes to detox, we really need to get them serviced immediately," said Kasperbauer. "If we can't, they sometimes change their mind, or it's too late and they end up passing on."

Revive says they’ve seen great community support behind their project, and also received a community development block grant to help with funding for renovations.

Hastings Development Services worked with Revive in receiving the block grant.

"Substance abuse is just a thing every community has to deal with, and so we can either deal with it, or stick our head in the sand," said Hastings Development Services Director Chad Bunger. "I'm glad an organization in Hastings is ready to tackle the issue and deal with it in a bigger way."

Revive’s existing outpatient services will transfer over to their new building in addition to their new services.

They will also add 40 jobs, and the benefits will come full circle to everyone from staff to clients.

"I heard it the other day, 'the person that is getting helped, becomes the helper,' then they help the people that need help," said Kasperbauer. "It's all about helping and showing love to the individuals that need this help."

Work to clear the former motel room’s contents has begun, and Revive will begin putting their touch on it next month.

The non-profit plans to open their new building in August.