HALL COUNTY, Neb.-- The cost of damages caused by a fatal explosion in a central Nebraska town now totals in the millions.

It happened in Wood River more than a week ago. Authorities ruled it as arson and say the suspect died after tampering with the natural gas system in a house.

Now, local officials say nearly 60 buildings have some some level of damage. 45 of those structures are homes. City hall, Wood River Elementary School and the library were also damaged.

Hall County Emergency Manager Jon Rosenlund says they have estimated between $1.7 million and $1.8 worth of damage for residents and $1.7 for non-residential buildings. He says there’s still cleanup work to do.

“They’ll be cleaning up that block residents will be trying to recoup and recover any property that was left behind after the blast. Then individual property owners will be working with their insurance companies and contractors to either demolish, or to refurbish their home, depending on the level of damage to the structure,” said Rosenlund.

Mayor Gregg Cramer says the city's emergency declaration has helped with paying for the city's expenses. The Wood River Ministerial Association is collecting donations for those impacted.