KEARNEY, Neb.- People in Kearney are smiling after more than a hundred classic cars participated in an event meant for senior citizens.

It’s been years since Cruise Nite added this event and Joshua Sikes vice chair for the committee for the Cruise Nite recollects how the event originated. 

“Coordinators of the nursing homes reached out and said we have a lot of people that cannot make it, they're just not mobile enough, and so they asked if we could maybe do something to bring the cars to them,” he said. 

And they did. Now, every year, people just show up with their cars to bring a smile on their faces.

“When you watch the people as you drive through, some veterans if they see an old Jeep they light up, if they see a Model A they light up, if they see a fifties Ford convertible, they light up. It stirs a lot of memories, a lot of emotions.”

Stan Staab owns a 1936 Ford Model 68 five-window coupe. This is his third year going through the route. 

“Because to me is one of the highlights of Cruise Nite week, where we give a special treat to the folks out there in the nursing home, assisted living people. They're so excited about these cars, you see everything here," he said. 

The tour goes past Kearney's senior living homes, city parks and then ends at the Peterson Senior Center. 

Sikes says it’s more than just an event.

“The people that are at those homes really appreciate it. It's just nice to be able to contribute to the community like this,“ he said. 

After more than two hours of the tour, it concluded at the senior center with ice cream and live music.