KEARNEY, Neb. — This former car wash in north Kearney was filled with foam before.

But instead of sudsy soap, the only froth in the drive thru now comes on top of hand-crafted coffee. Co-owner Jasmin McGinnis has transformed the property into the third Barista’s Daily Grind location, despite some initial questions from her staff.

“‘You want to do what?’ They’ve learned over the years, though, to kind of just trust the process. We say trust the vision,” McGinnis said.

For McGinnis, the vision for the north store is more than just a new-look coffee shop.

“I feel like this store is my love letter to the baristas and the art of making coffee,” McGinnis said.

It’s a different feel than corporate coffee drive-thrus, where drinks are made out of sight.

“The espresso machine is right in front of your car and the baristas are pulling those shots of espresso and you can see them in the mirrors we have placed behind us," McGinnis said. "So there’s full transparency in the art of making coffee and you get to see a beverage crafted right before you.”

After having her eye on the building for five years, McGinnis started leasing it this spring. She used her staff to help remodel the space to fit the Barista’s look. One of the signature elements is called Umbrella Alley. 

“It just seemed like a little cute, tongue-in-cheek nod to the fact that it was a car wash and now we’re putting an umbrella over your car," McGinnis said. "I also just wanted it to be joyful.”

The opening of the new shop a full-circle moment McGinnis, who started working at the first Barista’s location 23 years ago. It was one of the nation’s first double drive-thru coffee shops and it was on Kearney’ north side. 

“It’s kind of poetic to be back in north Kearney again working out of a north shop," McGinnis said. "I love being in this part of town.”

Some decorations are yet to arrive, but McGinnis already likes what’s been created.

“I joke that when you pull up to order a cup of coffee here, it’s like the angel’s choir and sings to the art of making coffee and I love that,” McGinnis said.

While the new shop has opened, Barista’s has temporarily closed its campus location. McGinnis is hiring and training more workers and hopes to reopen the campus shop next month.