HASTINGS, Neb. — The ribbon is cut, the popcorn is popping and guests can start filling a new movie theatre in Hastings.

Golden Ticket Cinemas President John Bloemeke says it’s a moment of excitement and relief.

“It finally happened. After several years of planning and ordering and coordinating, it finally happened,” Bloemeke said.

The building had been unoccupied since the Imperial Theatre closed in 2017. The new Hastings 3 was supposed to open in the fall, but supply chain issues and labor problems with vendors delayed the opening.

“All the plumbing had to be replaced, the electrical system had to be replaced, new roof, new HVAC, the parking lot had to have work done," Bloemeke said. "That was a long process and then coming in here and making it look like a modern theatre took some time as well.”

One feature that sets the theatre apart is the option of pod-style seating, which is two seats grouped together and separated by walls for a little more privacy. You’re even able to use your phone. You can scan a QR code to have food and drinks sent right to your seat.

“It does set us apart," Bloemeke said. "I’m not familiar with another theater in the state that has them. It’s something different but I think it’s something people will love.”

Each theatre has reclining, heated seats with flip out tables. The front row seating is made up of loveseat couches. The food and beverage options include the typical fare plus beer and made to order items like wings and shakes.

More than the amenities, Bloemeke says the theater hopes to create an experience.

“It’s got all the bells and whistles, but you come to the movies to have fun and kick back and make memories with your family, friends and loved ones," Bloemeke said. "That’s what it’s all about.”

Next week, we'll bring you an update on the progress of developments in the Theatre District as a whole.