KEARNEY, NE — Doctors at a Kearney hospital now have access to cutting edge technology to help patients fight cancer.

CHI Health Good Samaritan unveiled its new PET/CT imaging system on Friday, the GE Discovery, MI Generation Two. Director of Imaging Lisa Bolin says it’s a major upgrade from the hospital’s previous 16-year-old machine.

“This one provides even better resolution, sharper imaging which helps us measure those tumors, locate those tumors and treat those tumors,” Bolin said.

The imaging system can detect lesions as small as four millimeters, more than 50 percent smaller than standard scanners. Bolin says the precise images will help with targeted therapies like radiation and help determine if therapy is working. It also cuts imaging time in half.

“Our goal here, working with the oncologist and other physicians is to give that patient their own time, time not spent in a hospital, time not spent laying on a table,” Bolin said.

A priest blessed the new equipment on Friday, but Bolin says the machine was already an answer to prayers. The $2.6 million scanner was funded entirely by an anonymous donation to the hospital’s foundation.

“I hope that donor understands the impact of their charitable gift that’s going to create such a legacy for Kearney and the surrounding area," Bolin said. "Patients really needed this and this just couldn’t have turned out more wonderful.”