Senator Dave Murman announced today that he will seek re-election to the District 38 seat in the Nebraska Legislature.

This district includes the counties of Clay, Franklin, Furnas, Harlan, Nuckolls, Red Willow, Webster, and the portion of Phelps County that includes the city of Holdrege and the Highway 183 corridor to the south.

“Having spent nearly all of my life in District 38, and in listening to the residents of the District, I have a strong sense of what is really important to the people who live here. It would be an honor to continue to represent their interests,” said Murman. “I’ll continue to fight to lower taxes, especially property taxes, work for fair funding of schools, support Christian and family values that our nation was founded upon, and defend our inalienable rights including the second amendment. I’ll also continue to promote agriculture and economic development, and work to limit the size and scope of government.”

In announcing his bid for re-election, Murman specifically pointed to the importance of his efforts to help lower property taxes.

“With increased revenue in the last year our state is in a great position to lower taxes. As part of the legislature, I supported the refundable income tax credit based on property taxes paid to schools. This year’s refundable income tax credit will be 25 percent of the property tax paid to schools. This is significant and amounts to $548 million in property tax relief. These tax relief dollars are a big target that many in the legislature would love to use to fund other projects. My priority is to protect that property tax relief that we have fought so hard to achieve,” said Murman.

Murman currently serves on the Education Committee and the Health and Human Services Committee as well as the Committee on Committees.

“As a member of the Education Committee I’ve worked to promote and enhance parental involvement in educating our children. Parents are the ultimate authority on how and where their own children are educated,” said Murman. “In the Health and Human Services Committee, I will continue to target our limited resources to helping children, the disabled, elderly, and our veterans. These limited resources must be spent wisely.”