FAIRBURY, Neb. -- Fairbury Public Schools is moving forward with an Interim Superintendent amid repeated turnover at its top position.

The district will be on its third superintendent in the last three years when the coming school year starts. Stephen Grizzle left for South Central USD 5 in 2023 and his successor, Sean Molloy, just departed for Norris Public Schools.

The school district landed on Dr. Devin Embray, from Glenwood, Iowa, to be its interim superintendent for one year. 

Embray has 21 years of experience at the superintendent level from two Iowa school districts.

“A friend of mine called me and said that Fairbury had an opening and that she had given my name to the rural schools association over here that was running the search and they contacted me and I applied and the rest is history,” said Embray.

Embray will use this academic year is to determine if he wants to step into the role for the next few years or not.

“I think I want to get my feet on the ground and do a good job in the first few months here,” said Embray. “And then after that, we will see what happens.”

Despite being here for only a few days, Embray already has a few plans in mind for the next year. 

He wants to make sure to create community partnerships, activate the School District's strategic plan and more…

“I think being present visible, being out in the community, listening, hearing what people have to say,” said Embray.

Embray’s duties will begin on July 1 and, although the school year is still months away, Embray is excited to start working with the team.

“I’m excited to be here and I would tell them that I’m excited for the school year to get started. Get to meet them and their kids,” said Embray.