FAIRBURY, Neb. -- Fairbury is hosting a wooden bat tournament over Memorial Day weekend. 

This is the third year running for the event and it will begin Friday and go until Sunday.

With four games a day, starting at 11 a.m., Tyler Joe, President of the Fairbury Legion Baseball Association, said it brings in a lot of people from other towns. 

“It’s a good holiday weekend to have a tournament on,” Joe said. “We do the wood bats. It’s fun for the kids, kind of mixes it up a little bit. Anything we can bring to the town to support the community. Especially over the holiday weekend; Memorial Day.”

The tournament will feature teams like Seward, Valparaiso, Tecumseh, Palmer-Wolbach-Greeley and Fairbury, which is more teams than last year. 

The tournament will feature senior legion baseball players, 13 to 14 players per team.

Joe said the businesses are so anxious for the extra customers that, they have to schedule extra workers to keep up with the shoppers. 

“We have a great community here,” Joe said. “Beautiful ball field. Great local businesses to support and baseball. Everybody loves baseball.".

Joe said hundreds of people come from different towns to watch the tournament. This year he expects more.