Register to win cold hard cash with our 98.9 The Vibe Thanksmas Cash Giveaway. We will be giving away $2,500 in cash through 2 giveaways. The first giveaway will be on the Monday, 11/20/23, Tuesday, 11/21/23, and Wednesday, 11/22/23 Thanksgiving week and the second giveaway will be on the Monday, 12/18/23, Tuesday, 12/19/23, and Wednesday, 12/20/23 the week before Christmas. Murphy & Tim will draw a name at random the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the stated weeks. The winning name for each day will be announced over the air and given 98 seconds to call in to claim their cash prize. If the winning name does not call in time or does not call in at all the day their name was picked the prize money amount for that day rolls over into the next day's prize money.

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