CAIRO, Neb.-- People all over central Nebraska are selling their junk or what others might think is a hidden treasure. 

So, what makes people want to be part of this?

“That’s a good question. It's just the atmosphere, I like to talk to the people,” Karen Lamb said. 

“Actually, the good fellowship because people have been so kind and so they, it's just a good thing just to get together, “ Cindy Yoder said.

“Talking to people that come into the store,” said Railroad Antique owner Galen Gerdes.

“We get to share our wonderful prices with everybody, we got five families here that are working with us, and we got beautiful antiques," Kate Bortz said. 

The Nebraska Junk Jaunt is billed as the largest garage sale in the state of Nebraska. Vendors sell their collectibles, antiques, vintage items and more. Now in its 20th year, the nearly 300-mile loop goes around 38 towns. 

People all over the nation and even the world come to find that rare treasure.

“Tennessee, Vancouver, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri,” Bortz said.

“I mean you see cars from Colorado, you see cars from Iowa, you see cars all over,” Yoder said.

“I think we’ve had someone from France in the last few days and last year we had a buyer from Israel,” Gerdes said.

For vendors in small towns like Cairo, it's an event that benefits the community.

“Well, I think it brings people in I mean if you go downtown, you can’t find a parking place,” Lamb said.

“It's just good for our local businesses..  it's just a good influx of people,” Yoder said. 

The Junk Jaunt will run through the weekend.