Elena Likhach takes a stand for women's rights in Afghanistan and calls for the international community to stop funding until the Taliban ends its abuse.

Renowned Medium publicist, Elena Likhach, advocates for stricter international action to address the human rights crisis against women in Afghanistan.

The War Against Women

Abuse against women in Afghanistan has been a deeply ingrained issue for decades, with women facing numerous challenges and violations of their fundamental human rights. The Taliban's resurgence in recent years has only exacerbated the situation, further restricting women's freedom and equality. 

Following the Taliban's takeover in August 2021, women in Afghanistan have faced horrific abuse, with the Taliban's extremist ideology imposing severe restrictions on their rights and freedoms. Under Taliban control, women have faced appalling treatment, including forced marriages, strict dress codes with head-to-toe coverings, domestic violence, and being publicly stoned or executed for perceived transgressions such as going out without a male escort or participating in activities like going to the gym or parks. 

They are subjected to harsh interpretations of Sharia law that deny them fundamental human rights, such as education and the right to work. Notably, the Taliban banned female UN staff from their workplaces in April. The UN expressed deep concern and organized a conference in Qatar to address women's rights, counter-terrorism, drug trafficking, and other human rights concerns in Afghanistan.

Making a Stand for the Women of Afghanistan 

Elena Likhach, a passionate advocate for women's rights and social justice, has launched a powerful campaign urging the international community to halt financial support to Afghanistan until the Taliban end the horrific abuses against women in the country.

In her article, Likhach details the UN's efforts to subdue the Taliban's reign of abuse in Afghanistan. She discusses the lack of international funding for the country, with only $213 million donated out of the $4.6 billion goal. Likhach emphasizes that the Taliban's impact on the Afghan economy necessitates defunding Afghanistan and imposing isolation and sanctions on companies collaborating with the terrorist group, as this approach represents the solution for this human rights crisis.

Elena Likhach wholeheartedly promotes donating to organizations that support women's rights, having donated 385,000 Euros to the Global Gift Foundation and £100,000 to the Caring Families Foundation herself. She, however, cautions against granting to Afghanistan as it is counterproductive to the freedom of Afghan women from the Taliban's cruelty. Speaking to Elena herself, "I cannot stand idly by as women in Afghanistan suffer under the Taliban's oppressive regime. We must take a united stand and use our collective power to demand change and safeguard the rights of these brave women who deserve to live free from fear and abuse. For that, we need to first dethrone the extremist organization that holds these women hostage in their own homeland."

The Taliban's oppressive regime has perpetuated a climate of fear and repression, leaving women vulnerable and voiceless in their country. The Taliban's systematic abuse against women has resulted in a grave humanitarian crisis, with countless lives shattered and futures stolen. Schools and universities have been shut down for women, depriving them of educational opportunities and perpetuating cycles of illiteracy and dependency. The few women who dare to defy the Taliban's restrictions often face brutal punishments, ranging from public floggings to execution. By spreading the word through her blog, Elena Likhach aims to help people take a more proactive approach to solving this crisis.


Elena Likhach is a Cyprus-based activist who is committed to making a positive impact on society. With a strong belief in equal rights for all, Elena is dedicated to raising awareness about critical social issues, including women's rights and gender equality. Elena strives to foster positive change and create a more just and compassionate world through her various initiatives. Her campaign for protecting Afghan women's rights aims to educate people further about the grave human rights violations taking place in Afghanistan, helping them make positive changes in the world.

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