FAIRBURY, NE — Two-year-old Hollen Siedschlag died of blunt force trauma to the abdomen.

That’s according to Dr. Robert Bowen, the pathologist who performed the autopsy on Siedschlag. He testified Thursday in the child abuse resulting in death trial of Jake Gonzalez.

“The liver was nonfunctional," Bowen said. "It would take several days to die of liver failure, but in this case there was enough trauma that the amount of blood that had escaped from the liver caused the cardiovascular system to fail. So, basically, he bled to death into his abdomen.”

The State’s attorneys showed photos from the autopsy and Bowen described the injuries he found, which included bruises across most of the body and brain bleeding.

In his opening statement, defense attorney Kelly Breen had argued it’s possible Siedschlag’s injuries occurred before the prosecution’s timeline.

Bowen said he can’t pinpoint exactly when injuries are sustained, but can offer an estimation.

Prosecution: “Could you classify those as very recent or very old?”

Bowen: “I consider them recent injuries, not old injuries.”

The prosecution is arguing Gonzalez inflicted the lethal injuries after Siedschlag was picked up from daycare on February 26th, within eight hours of when the two-year-old was pronounced dead at Children’s Hospital in Omaha.

The defense has focused on an abrasion above Siedschlag’s eye that predated his death by three days. Bowen said that injury was not important in his diagnosis.

Breen presented three exhibits showing photos of marks on Siedschlag from late December, before Gonzalez was living with the boy.

The trial is moving faster than expected. All parties have Friday off. Lawyers will give their closing arguments on Monday. The jury will then have as long as they need to deliberate and return a verdict.

Gonzalez cold face up to life in prison if convicted.