Lincoln’s first breast surgical oncologist creates 2 multidisciplinary clinics

Lincoln’s first breast surgical oncologist is working to create a multi-disciplinary clinic for women fighting cancer.
Dr. Rachel Jendro (10/11 NOW)
Dr. Rachel Jendro (10/11 NOW)
(10/11 NOW)

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -From diagnosis to treatment to upkeep, a cancer diagnosis can often have a patient running around to a variety of doctors. Lincoln’s first breast surgical oncologist is working to consolidate those trips into one multi-disciplinary clinic.

Dr. Rachel Jendro said it’s all about easing anxiety.

She said these multidisciplinary clinics give women a clear-cut map on fighting cancer and gives them the confidence of knowing. Dr. Jendro will be on their side, the entire way. Often, the cancer journey starts here in Dr. Jendro’s office.

For Dr. Jendro, creating a personal relationship makes all the difference for the patients.

Dr. Jendro moved to Lincoln from North Carolina just six months ago and has already started a multi-disciplinary clinic at CHI Health St. Elizabeth.

A new clinic should be starting up at Bryan in the next month, but Jendro didn’t just bring her expertise, she brought advanced technology, like 3D Imaging to make the experience better for women.

Dr. Jendro said she’s exited to bring these clinics to Lincoln and serve the community. She is looking forward to how they will grow and serve the city and surrounding areas over time.