HOOPER, Neb. - Although Matt Carlson is Logan View's new head football coach, Hooper is nothing new to him.

"It'd been a while since I'd been up here but it's kind of like old stomping grounds," said Matt.

Matt is not the only Carlson to walk the Logan View field. His uncle coached there for over 30 years.

"He coached their best record yet," said Matt. "So you know that's kind of our goal or was our goal to start the year. We want to get to that level and that at least a couple Carlsons can say they've coached a few good teams."

"Duane was a very beloved staff member, teacher, and coach," said Logan View Activities Director Nate Larsen. "I think a lot of people are really excited to see some ties to that family back here again."

Matt went to high school in Auburn, where he played football under his dad, Dave, a Logan View graduate. 

"My first year there, Matt was my freshman football quarterback," said Larsen, who also previously taught and coached at Auburn.

Larsen said he picked Matt for the gig because he's a motivator.

"His ties to the area are obviously an added bonus," said Larsen.

"The Carlson family, in general, know how to get the most out of the kids that they coach," said Raiders Assistant Coach Bill Booth.

Booth used to work with Matt's dad, who is also now an assistant at Logan View. Both of them saw Matt grow up, from freshman quarterback to Peru State College linebacker to college assistant coach in Iowa.

"He's someone who brings a lot of energy to the field, just like his dad," said Booth.

After coaching in Iowa over the past decade, Matt decided it was time to come back to his home state. 

"I'm a big family guy," said Matt.

Those values are more visible now that he's home.

"Over there, my immediate family would make it over to some games and things like that, but around here, I'm finding new relatives daily," said Matt. 

With the generations of successful coaches, there are some big shoes to fill. 

"My dad's won over 250 games," said Matt. "Hopefully that translates over. It's a little bit in the bloodline hopefully."