Connor DwyerDustin Lynch puts a new spin on his heady, nostalgic “Thinking ‘Bout You” as he sends the song to radio, this time as a duet with newcomer MacKenzie Porter.

Fans first got to know “Thinking ‘Bout You” as an album cut on Dustin’s fourth project, Tullahoma, which he released in January of 2020. At the time, the song was a duet with Lauren Alaina. Now, Dustin reimagines the song with a new duet partner, whom he chose after hearing her voice without knowing who she was.

“My team and I reached out to our country music community for submissions from up-and-coming female artists. Not wanting to be swayed by any other factors, we got a folder of numbered MP3s and just listened,” the singer explains.

“It all pointed to MacKenzie,” he remembers of that experience. “I fell in love with her tone -- it was effortless and honest. Her voice is something that can’t be taught; it’s clear she was born with that talent. She was brilliant at bringing her uniqueness to this song, but also keeping it familiar for fans of the original.”

To go along with their nostalgic new single, Dustin and MacKenzie also shared a cinematic music video that adds a visual element to the story line of  “Thinking ‘Bout You.”

By Carena Liptak
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