Brandt Performance celebrated their ribbon cutting Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2021 at Nexgen Outfitters.


With kids across the country stuck at home due to COVID-19, many are struggling to find something to do.

One 11-year-old from Sidney came up with a unique answer. He started a business.

"I really has lot of extra time, and I really wasn't doing anything," Brandt Performance founder Bodhi Brant said. "I asked my mom if I could start my own business and started making my own designs and everything."

Brandt recently got his first shipment in for Brandt Performance, his new business that sells fishing apparel and lures.

Bodhi has been fishing since age four. He got some help along the way from his grandma, who use to work for another outdoor-focused business, Cabela’s. 

"I started casting with open-face reel at the age of six," he said. "My grandma Pat taught me. Thank you, grandma."

That's not his only inspiration, though. 

"My favorite Bible verse is Genesis 9:3 'Everything that lives and moves will be food for you,'" Bodhi said. 

It’s not the first business venture Bodhi has entered. He used the money he earned selling eggs to buy inventory for Brandt performance.

"I took all my chicken money from the past years with all the eggs that I sold and we ordered a batch of shirts and it just started off of that."

T-shirts and a variety of lures are available now on Bodhi’s website, He hopes to add more items in the future.