ABC/Image Group LAThese days, Jordan Davis is a committed family man who loves spending time with his wife, Kristen, and their five-month old daughter, Eloise Larkin. But the singer’s road to finding family was filled with “Detours,” and that’s exactly what his new song and music video are about.

The video for “Detours” is a deeply personal, autobiographical montage of photographs that tell Jordan and Kristen’s love story. 

“It’s almost like a wedding video, to be honest with you,” the singer tells People. “It’s something that we can go back and look at and see how much we’ve grown, and hopefully, it’s something Eloise will be proud of.”

In fact, he adds, the couple got a little misty-eyed the first time they saw their history as a couple laid out to music. Jordan didn’t originally plan on cutting “Detours”: The song was so personal that he thought he might keep it private. 

“Really in my mind, it was a song that my family would love, and maybe we’d play at family functions or around the fire,” he reveals. However, once he played it live and realized how much his fans related to the tune, he changed his mind.

The montage of pictures in the music video also gives fans a chance to see rare footage of Jordan clean-shaven. Without his signature beard, the singer is unrecognizable, even to some members of his own team. 

“I sent over all the photos of me with no beard and some people were like, ‘Who is this guy?'” he adds.

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