(WENY) – Republican Congressman Tom Reed has declared victory in the race for New York State's 23rd Congressional District.

"It's humbling to get the support of the people. I mean it's something I just have an appreciation for them and I just say thank you," Reed tells WENY News. 

According to the New York State Board of Elections, the incumbent Rep. Reed has 156,589 (60.95%) of the vote as of 12:15 a.m.; his Democratic opponent, Tracy Mitrano, has 90,064 (35.06%) of the votes. 493 of the 526 precincts in the district have reported results.

Rep. Reed has served as congressman since 2010; he and Mitrano faced off before in 2018, with Reed winning that race as well.

Reed told WENY News, he wants to get right back to work Wednesday morning, serving the community he loves and calls home. 

"It's mission number one always is taking care of the people that we represent and you know we still have COVID-19 going on, still have to talk to the county executive, still have to talk to the hospitals. We've got things on our agenda seeing what's going to happen on the national level with the presidential election."