YORK, NE -- What do the next 25 years look like for Greater Nebraska?  That was the question posed to attendees at the Nebraska Community Foundation's 25th Annual Conference on Thursday.

NCF COO K.C. Belitz thinks the future looks bright.

"We have the resources and the assets in rural Nebraska that we need to... thrive."

NCF was sharing resources on Thursday through its Affiliated Fund training and expo.  More than 250 volunteer leaders of NCF’s 235 affiliated funds participated in training sessions throughout the day. Hundreds gathered for the evening banquet to toast 25 years of the organization.

"I think NCF as a network is really reaching a pivot point here," Belitz said.  "The first 25 was very much focused on raising money... I really think we're reaching a point now where the next 25 is going to be helping each other learn how to spend that money wisely."

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