DESHLER - A Deshler man had previously been ordered by the city attorney to remove four Siberian huskies from he and his girlfriend's property by Nov. 5, but the city has decided not to take further action on the matter.

Donald Ross, 50, has lived in Deshler for more than three years. His girlfriend moved in with him at 405 1st Street in July, and she brought three huskies with her. Ross already owned one. 

In August, Ross applied for a permit to build a fence at the Deshler home to properly secure the dogs. That permit was initially denied, because he did not own the property.

On Sept. 8, three of the dogs escaped from the house, and killed six chickens and two rabbits at a neighbor's home. The neighbor, Shawna Peterson, who lives a block east of Ross, filed a complaint with the city, alleging that Ross' dogs were too dangerous to be within city limits.

Peterson alleged that Ross' dogs caused an estimated $3000 worth of damage, including the deceased animals, $700 worth of siding and $900 worth of cages that were damaged. 

The Deshler City Council initially ruled that Ross must remove his dogs from the property, or they will be "seized and destroyed."

Ross was ticketed for an animals-at-large violation by the Thayer County Sheriff's Office, and appeared in court for that on Oct. 28. Court documents show that Ross paid a $100 fine to the city.

Deshler city attorney Ben Murray spoke with Thayer County attorney Daniel Warner, and they both agreed to let the county handle the situation going forward. The city council had no objection.

After obtaining a contract for purchase from his girlfriend to buy the house with his landlord's permission, Ross' fence application was approved by the city on Oct. 16.

Ross, who was present at Tuesday night's city council meeting, says his fence is "coming along nicely" and will be about six feet tall. Ross says he currently has only two huskies on the property. None of his dogs were licensed with the city before, because Ross said he wasn't sure how long he'd live in Deshler. He said Tuesday that he's begun the process for getting his huskies tagged and fixed.

Peterson, whose animals were killed by Ross' dogs, could still file a civil suit over the damages.