WAUKEE, IA - Vice President Mike Pence is calling on Congress to pass the trade agreement between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. The deal is called the USMCA, and the White House says the deal will benefit farmers across the Midwest. 

The Vice President gave a speech in Waukee, Iowa today, blaming the Democrats and the Impeachment Inquiry for the delay. 

Vice President Mike Pence: "I came to Iowa today that say it's time for the Democrats in Congress to do their job. Put politics aside and pass the USMCA this year. The truth is-- and we all know it-- Democrats have been spending all their time on endless investigations and partisan impeachment. But enough is enough. The American people deserve better."

The White House points to Mexico, which they say has already ratified the trade agreement. The Administration also says Canada has initiated its approval process.  Many Nebraska politicians have touted this deal, saying it would have major economic benefits here in Nebraska.