BMLGRiley Green's end-of-tour prank on Brad Paisley involved him going shirtless onstage during Brad's set, strutting around wearing an enormous costume head made to look like the West Virginia native.

If you saw the picture of the ex-college-football quarterback on social media, you know there's no doubt Riley hits the gym on a regular basis. 

"I've always enjoyed working out," the Alabama native explains. "Playing sports growing up, it was not as much fun to me to work out when coaches were making me do it. And now that I don't have everybody screaming at me and blowing a whistle, I sort of enjoy it a little bit."

"So that's definitely another hobby of mine on the road is trying to stay in shape," Riley adds. "You know, it's tough, the lack of sleep and the travel is a little bit of a grind, so I feel like that's an important thing to keep you kind of level."

The "There Was This Girl" hitmaker admits his gym routine is not a regimented as you might expect.

"The Riley Green workout is wake up," he laughs, "drink as much coffee and espresso as you can, and make yourself go to Planet Fitness, and just get on as many machines as you can before you've got to go do an interview or a meet-and-greet."

"There's no rhyme or reason to it," Riley admits. "I certainly couldn't write you something out. I walk around in the gym and look at stuff till I get motivated, and figure out what machine somebody is not on."

Tonight, Riley kicks off his Get That Man a Beer Tour in Statesboro, Georgia, ahead of the release of his debut album, Different 'Round Here, which comes out September 20.

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